Wednesday, 23 May 2007

e-learning publications and conferences

If you work in the school sector, you might be interested in a new publication by the UK's agency BECTa: Emerging technologies for learning (volume 2)

If you work in a university or college, another UK agency JISC is holding an online conference on e-learning in June.

Worldwide there are many such publications and conferences relating to ICT in education - too many to publicise here systematically - and they are often a rich source of enthusiasm, case studies, and issues.

However prospective H809'ers might also be wanting to take a step back to ask questions such as...
  • How strong is the evidence for claims?
  • Are alternative explanations possible?
  • How could the claims be tested more strongly?
  • What theoretical explanations are offered, what do they buy us, and what are their weaknesses?
We'd be interested to hear to what extent each of the e-learning gurus is engaging in these questions.