Saturday, 25 July 2009

Well done to 2009 H809'ers

I've posted this message in the forums:
Well done on getting to the end of the course!

Through the forums, blogs and assignments I've been finding it really interesting discovering your various research interests, in many countries and in diverse settings.

Many thanks if you completed the end-of-course survey. We'll be updating the course for next year's presentation, and I'm sure this survey (once analysed!) will be of great help. We'll be refreshing the readings, and we'll also be giving some thought about why the level of participation in forums was lower than last year, and what we might be able to do about it.

It's been a bitter-sweet presentation for us. It's been wonderful seeing so many H809'ers progress in their thinking. But those of us working in the Institute of Educational Technology felt the death of Professor Robin Mason very sharply. Her obituary in the Guardian newspaper sums up her huge contribution to the OU and the wider online education world.

Whether you're going on to further postgraduate studies or applying new ideas to your practice, all best wishes for the future. In time, I hope to read more of your work in leading research journals!

Results are expected towards the end of September. The course website and forums are available until 19 December.


Dr James Aczel
H809 Course Team Chair