Friday, 16 March 2007

Title suggestions

Thanks for all the suggestions. Here's a selection of them, in no particular order:
  • Researching technology enhanced learning
  • Researching elearning [suggested three times!]
  • Researching ICT
  • Researching Practice in e-learning
  • e-learning: Researching Practice
  • Research and Practice in e-learning
  • Researching and Studying eLearning
  • New directions in practitioner inquiry using e-research
  • Practitioner Inquiry using e-research methodologies
  • Researching technology-rich practice
  • Technology enhanced research
  • Practitioner Research and technologically supported methodologies
  • Practice-based research in educational technology
  • Researching in eLearning
  • Foundations in eLearning Research
  • eLearning Research - a practitioner’s course
  • Using e-Research in e-Learning
  • The eLearning researcher
  • Prepare for research in eLearning
  • Thinking beyond the boundaries: eLearning research and evaluation
  • Methods of Practice-Based Research for Distance and E-Learning

The ubiquity of "e-learning" is quite a surprise, because it's not a word we've used in relation to the course very much. It's probably because the word appeared in a departmental email inviting suggestions. Friends with fingers on the pulse of the zeitgeist tell me that its days as a fashionable buzzword are numbered, so we'd be interested in views on this.